How To Take Control Of Your Health With These Simple Tips


fruits We all know an age-old saying that ‘health is wealth’. It is 100% true that only a healthy person can accomplish whatever he wants. A healthy mind is possible only when you have a healthy body. If you are sick, you will become helpless and you need to postpone all your commitments. For example, if you are a student preparing for your board exam or competitive exams and fall sick, you cannot give your 100% time and effort to studies. It will hamper your results and your future plans badly. No matter if you are a student, working person, homemaker, businessman, self-employed, or a new mother; we have to pay a huge price for it if we neglect our health. Falling sick will make you weak not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. We all agree that falling sick is not in our hands. It could be because of many reasons which are out of our control. But we should only bother about the things that we can control. Our only aim should be to remember the importance of health and take every care to be healthy. We often experience that, we regret not taking enough care of ourselves and our health when we fall sick and we regret a lot for our negligence than falling sick when we are unhealthy. All of us say one excuse that we are busy and occupied with so many tasks and we do not have time. Considering the impact of the negligence of health, we must take out time and keep ourselves healthy rather than finding an excuse for not doing it so. Let us see some simple steps that we can take on a daily basis to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Move your body: First and foremost important thing is exercise. Every day takes some time out and exercises without fail. It will help you avoid becoming obese, keep you active as blood flow will increase and moreover, you feel good about yourself as it keeps you in good shape. You can do yoga, aerobics, power yoga, Zumba dance or can pick anything that interests you. We all feel lazy and tend to postpone exercising. Motivate yourself by reminding of the benefits of doing exercise daily. As almost every profession is involved with using computers, we stick to our chairs and screen for hours and hours. Researchers have proved that one of the primary reasons for many cardiovascular diseases is increased fat content in the body.

You must take care of yourself to avoid such life-threatening situations and it is very important not to sit for hours without moving your body. For more information about body exercises, fitness, and muscle growth visit our website at

Be cautious about what you put in your mouth: What you put in your mouth

your body will process that and let you face the consequences of it. If you put natural and healthy food, you will enjoy good health. Always avoid processed food and street food that is not clean and hygiene which causes a lot of diseases such as diarrhoea, jaundice etc. Don’t give importance to taste of your tongue more as it is temporary. Put into your mouth healthy food like green leafy and fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Too much of non-vegetarian food is not good for health as the body needs to process it for hours and can cause fatty liver. Give importance to the quantity of the food. Don’t eat too much or too less. Educate yourself by reading good authentic articles and follow as suggested. Too much sugar content is also not good for health. Go for a balanced diet and small meals rather than one big meal at once. Even when you are busy, make a plan to see that you follow your food timings strictly. Put in extra effort to plan and consume only healthy food.

Drink enough water:

Always keep yourself hydrated. Drink 8-10 glasses of water. It keeps your body temperature in equilibrium and sends out all the toxins out of your body. It keeps you healthy inside and outside. Don’t neglect this even in your busy schedule. Following these basics right will not only keep you healthy but also keep you away from unnecessary problems.

Sleep well:

Nowadays, insomnia is the common problem we all face. Proper sleep helps you to rejuvenate your energy. It gives you the energy to work rest of the next day as during sleep all the body cells relax and get new energy. Insufficient sleep makes you feel drowsy and affects your productivity. It affects your health badly. In this globalised era, almost many companies working 24/7. You may need to work in the nights. Be extra cautious and plan properly when you are doing night shifts to see that you get enough sleep during the day. Do not get into a situation where you earn a lot at the cost of your health and again spend all that earnings for medical expenses.

Do whatever works for you to have better sleep. Good low music works for somebody, a cup of warm milk work for somebody and some want to read a book before going to bed. Keep your surroundings silent and dark before you go to bed. Another great thing which you have to do while sleeping is use sleeping masks because it has many benefits that you can read by visiting the site

Take care of your eyes:

Among all senses, eyes are of paramount importance. In this digitalized era, we all are living an average of 6 hours a day in the blue light. Rather than sunlight which helps the body in preparing D vitamin, we are spending our most of life in the blue light. It is the need of the hour to consciously make an effort to reduce our time spending with screens. TV, computer or smartphone is taking away most of our time. Playing outside provides more benefits such as good exercise to your body and mind than getting addicted to screen. Your eyes are the most affected part of the screens. Even when it is necessary to spend hours of time in front of the screen as part of your job, take a few seconds of a break now and then and look away from your screen. Remember to blink your eyes as we tend to forget this completely. Use technology in your favour and not against you.

You can set alarm to keep yourself reminded to take a break if you keep forgetting to look away and immerse in your work. Look at longer distances and try to see greenery, if possible, which makes your eyes feel relaxed. Looking for a way to maintain your eyesight and enjoy clear vision for years? To know it go to our website

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