Great Depression Facts and Statistics Shocking Great Depression Facts and Statistics


It is true that the Great Depression of 1930s is considered to be the worst economic period of this century and there are some shocking Great Depression facts and statistics to assist this truth. There have been some shocking revelations which have brought some undiscovered Great Depression facts to the fore, some facts which clearly show how much the people and the economies suffered during this time. These facts about the Great Depression show the severe cases of loss in money, the dropping employment rates, the worst conditions and the lowering standard of living which had affected the people in the entire world severely. Other than that, there are some interesting Great Depression facts which show how and why this condition came to the fore and what made it slowly fade away and put the economy back on track.


Some disturbing Great Depression statistics have been uncovered which clearly state the worsened condition of living in those times. For example, according to a Great Depression fact, almost 50% of the children who were born during this period did not have the adequate shelter, food or medical facilities for their care. Another shocking Great Depression fact shows that the unemployment rate had reached 80% for some cities while on an average, it was somewhere around 25%. The farmers were the worst hit as there was a steep drop in the prices of the crop and around 750,000 farmers had declared bankruptcy during the Great Depression 1930s. These Great Depression statistics are enough to give you a fair idea of the living condition of people during those times and some Great Depression facts would tell you how the economy recovered after this period.


After the extreme slump that was witnessed by the world in this decade, there were some interesting factors which brought about the recovery of the economy. The Great Depression facts consider the World War 2 to be a catalyst which sped up the recovery of the countries and the world economy. The jobs which were provided to people through the means of war covered for the unemployment and the trade which commenced again led to the revival of the economy. Most of these Great Depression Facts and Statistics point towards the importance of World War 2 in boosting the economy and ending the Great Depression in America.

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